DANIEL BRITTON  is the fearless leader and President of SilverFox  Productions. His roles include Producer, Director, Project Manager, and Audio Recording Specialist. Dan has been in show business in one form or another since the age of 5 where he performed in his family's traveling puppet show. He received his certification as an audio engineer in Ontario. Upon returning to New Brunswick,  Dan started his own recording studio in Moncton, NB which he ran for 11 years, recording many  music artist's and audio for corporations, along with audio-post for television shows on CBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel and  MuchMusic  to name a few. Dan loves being a team player, so teaming up with other production  professionals to form full service production crews makes sense and is a fun challenge for him.  TV, WEB  and  Digital Cinema Productions won't be the same with this passionate nut at the helm!

SUSAN BRITTON came attached at the hip with Dan. She is  our dynamic Office Administrator as well as, on occasion, handler of AD, Makeup, Grip, Craft Services, etc... Oh yes she is also a great Voice Over talent... is there any thing this woman can't do?