Brian is a producer for APTN - the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. He has been working in this capacity since the late 1990's. Brian has also produced for NFB, the National Film Board of Canada. It is a pleasure to come along side Brian to produce programming for APTN and the other side productions he is involved with to make people aware of the aboriginal people and communities around us.


Colin is a writer and creative director with a wide range of regional, national and international  experience in advertising, public relations, political and social marketing.

A word of warning: 

He's getting old and can sometimes be cantankerous.
Fortunately, he doesn't bite.


Rhonda is a writer/author with a growing interest in stage plays and scripts for all genres. Born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, Rhonda graduated from Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology in Oshawa, Ontario with a diploma in public relations in 1987. Upon graduation, Rhonda practiced public relations in the Maritime's and also worked in graphic design. She has studied with the Institute for Children’s Literature which has helped revive her dream of writing for kids.

Rhonda recently self-published her first young adult novel, “Rachel’s Manifesto” and is working on two more. Her first play, Believe, was produced locally in 2011. She is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, Moncton chapter.